This Enemy coming in Spoofs of (Dodger'sPartyFan2570 Style) That enemys for Dodger Rita Tramp Lady

Enemeys In Dodgerladdin Series

  • Scarface Played The Evil Sorecerer Jafar In Dodgerladdin he was The Royal Vizier for Francis after Dodger's Saving Before First a Sultan and The The Powerful Sorcerer In The World 
  • Pound Played the Grumpy Araibain Gaurd Razoul He Have Hate Dodger Aresset
  • Steele Played as The Arrogant Prince Achmed a ugly Prince with a Pink Suit
  • Ratigan he Played The Angry Guy Farouk the Apple Seller He Confronts With His Sowrt
  • Red Claw a Transfomation form Scarface He Haves Dodger In His Hands
  • Cat R Waul Played as Jafar's New Parther and Thief Abis Mal
  • Cat R Waul Gang Played Abis Mal's Thieves Confronts Cat R Waul
  • Hellhound Played The Evil Red Genie Jafar Defeat in The Movie Dodgerladdin 1 & 2
  • The Red Dog Leader He Played That Thief Sa'Luk He Defeat In With The Hand of Madis
  • The Red Dog Crew and Heyanas Played Sa'Luk's Men

Enemeys In The Tramp King Series

  • Carface He Played Mufasa's Evil Brother Scar He Killed Dodger In The Stampede
  • Lady Blue She Played The Felline Hyena Shenzi She is One of Carface's crew
  • Killer Played The Grumpy Hyena Banzai He Is Its Not Funny Warren t Rat
  • Warren T Rat Played The Crazy Hyena Ed He Laughs
  • Belladonna Played The Evil Lioness Zira She Haves Plan to Tries Kill Tramp and Gives Pongo a Scar on his Left Eye
  • Scarface Played Nuka He Dies After Tramp Escape
  • The Hyenas Is Thimselves
  • The Outlanders as Thimselves

Enemy In Dodger (Shrek)

  • Black Wolf played Lord Farquaad
  • Belladonna played Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming's mother
  • Dark Yogi Bear played Prince Charming
  • Dark Cindy Bear played Rapunzel, Prince Charming's girlfriend
  • Dark Huckleberry Hound played Rumplestillskin
  • Fenghuang played Fifi Rumplestillskin's pet magic goose

Enemys In The Little Merdog (series)

  • Minnie Mowsedoom played Ursula the Evil Sea Witch
  • Dark Huckleberry Hound and Dark Quick Draw McGraw played Ursula's pet eels minions Flotsam and Jetsam
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