The Heroes in the spoof


  • Francis Played The Sultan He is Rita's And The Ruler of Agrabah
  • Rita Played as Princess Jasmine She is The Daughter of Fra
  • Pongo Played The Powerful Genie He is Dodger's
  • Balto He Played The King of Thieves Aka Cassim He is Dodger's and The Leader of The Crew
  • Oliver He Played Abu He is Dodger Best Friend and Pet Kitten
  • Dodger He Played Aladdin/Prince Ali He is a Poor Street Dog and Later Married With
  • Sebastian He Played That Grumpy Parrot Iago He Was Frist With and Later with Dodger oliver and Pongo's Friend

The Little Mer-Dog Series

  • Trusty He Played The Mighty Sea King King Triton He is Sasha's And Destroyed Her
  • Charlie He Played Prince Eric He is Sasha's Husband and the Father of Lady aka Melody
  • Rita She Played Attina She is
  • Perdita She Played Alan She is Sasha
  • Jenna She Played Aquata
  • Alue She Played Arrista She is a Merdog with a Red
  • Vixey she Played Adella she is one of and a green mermaid ta
  • Dixie She Played Andrina she is One of and a purple
  • Colonel the dog he Played Grimsby He is Charlie's
  • Glorria She Played Carotta SHE IS Charlie
  • Georgette she played Queen Athena She is the wife of trusty she Dies in

&Sasha She Played Ariel She is later a Normale

The Tramp King

The Tramp King Series

  • Tramp He Played Simba He is the Second Leader
  • Dodger He Played Mufasa He was the First Leader he Was Killing By
  • Rita She PLAYED Sarabi she played the mother of Tramp she is Angry at Carface tells about dod
  • Lady She Played Nala she is The daughter in law
  • Georgette she played sarfania she is angel aka lady moter

The Ponkemon Princess

  • Francis He Played King William He is Sasha's Father he After the Attack of Red's Dinosaur Form
  • Lady She Played Queen Uberta she is a Widow Queen and
  • Charlie He Played Prince Derek He is Sasha Wife He Break The Spell of Re
  • Sasha she played Odette she is a Beautiful
  • Tramp played lord roger
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