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Doki is a character in Doki series.


Doki is a curious dog, and his love of adventure makes crazy situations no problem for him. Doki is always open to suggestions and tips from his friends. Doki is creative, generous, warm, cheerful, humorous, and is a natural-born leader, but sometimes he can be arrogant and stubborn depending on the adventurous situation.

He learns from his mistakes and applies his knowledge to his adventures. He likes theater, vacation, bright colors and fun with friends. Doki is open-hearted, great in his gestures and easy to talk to. He feels comfortable as he will enjoy an adventure full of respect and fun. On the other hand, it can be pretentious and self-involved to the point where it is impossible.


  • The job of his dreams is to be a professional explorer.
  • He loves tourism.
  • because of his parent's absence or because he never mentions about his father or his mother people theorize that doki is an orphan.


He Played Donkey in the Rex (Shrek) series

He is a talking donkey