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One scientist falling to his death.

The Dome Scientists are the scientists who have appeared throughout the episode The Dome Experiment. Most of the scientists were killed by the end of the episode, except for the rest.

One scientist walking.

One scientist using his teeth to pass a scanner.

Pam joking with another scientist.


The Scientists were studying the park employees before their deaths. After one person found out their scheme, he rallied the rest of the employees to escape. These scientists attempted to chase after them, but one was pitched off his vehicle and presumably killed. Another was thrown off his as well, except this one had a steep fall into icy rain. Two more were most likely killed when their vehicle was shot and swerved into the rain. The final member in the control room was pushed off by Dr. Dome, and presumably died due to the fall (if the ice rain did not kill him first). Dr. Dome was then frozen alive.


Dr. Dome


Unnamed Scientist with Mustache

Unnamed Bald Scientist

Unnamed Scientist with Red Hair

Unnamed Scientist with Black Hair

Unnamed Scientist with Light Brown Hair