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Dorian Normal form

Dorian Tyrell is main villian of the mask 1994

Portrayals: (Normal)

Dorian as the Mask

Portrayals: (The Mask)

  • TheBluesrockz Played By Fat Cat
  • DinosaurkingRockz Played By Steele
  • In Chris1701 Played By James
  • In 1701Movies Meowrice
  • In 400Movies Don Karnage
  • In Ooglyeye Sher Khan
  • In 399Movies Ratigan
  • In 4000Movies Chief McBrusque
  • In Chris1702 Played By Scar
  • In The Mask (170Movies Style) he is played by ???.
  • In The Mask (EJL423 Style) he will be played by Audrey II