Doris is a black and white cat who, much like any other cat, can't speak the old human language, so can only communicate through meows. Luckily, for Doris, the necessity of a human voice is inessential in the feline world and certainly doesn't hold her back when it comes to living an anthropomorphised bipedal life. And, coupled with her Converse wearing, ginger tom boyfriend Marlon, Her other Friends Macho cat Leo, Cavecat, Coolcat, Magicat, Rastacat and Spacecat. Doris is going to find herself getting into all manner of scrapes with nary a ball of twine in sight. Rather than stealing strings of sausages, Doris will... Oh wait, that's dogs. Well, the point's the same, there won't be cliche cat adventures such as seeking out a welcoming lap to snooze in or planning to raid a bin in search of fish heads. Instead, Doris will be pushing the boundaries of catlife by undertaking trips to the moon to tackle industrious, but foolish mice, floating through the night sky in a giant spoon and trying to improve the romantic prospects for a lonely snowman.

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