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Dorothy Gale is the main character from The Wizard of Oz.


Danny and Jiminy: The Movie she played Robyn Starling

The Mammal Book she played Shanti

Russellambi she played Adult Faline

Ilsaerella she played Anastasia Tremaine

Bernard's Great Adventure she played Marcella

The Sound of Music (brucesmovies1 style) she played Louisa

Scarlett's Dress and Scarlett's Dress 2: Dodger's Great Adventure she played Fern Arable

Pinocchio Hood she played Sis Rabbit

Who Framed Dodger she played Betty Boop

Ilsa in Wonderland and Jenny Foxworth in Wonderland (Remake) she played Alice's Sister

Dorothyrella and Tramp (Shrek) she played Cinderella

The Great Sponge Detective she played Olivia Flaversham

Limpet Pan she played Wendy Darling

Skippy (Pinocchio) she played The Blue Fairy

The Little Seinfeld 2: Return to the Sea she played Melody

In The Rescuers (??? style), she played Miss Bianca

Dodger the Snowdog, she played Karen

In Ash Pan (Isa the Godess of Gachatopia Style) she played Wendy Darling

Pokemon (brucesmovies1 style) she played Misty

The Dark Crystal (Broadwaygirl918 Style) she will play Kira

Legally Brunette she will play Elle Woods

Dorothystasia (Broadwaygirl918 Style) She will play Anastasia

The Black Cauldron (Kevin Jordan Style) She will play Gypsy

She will play Scarlett O'Hara in an upcoming Gone With The Wind parody

She will play Jack Sparrow in an upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean parody

She will play Elsa in an upcoming Frozen parody

She will play Jessie in an upcoming Toy Story parody

She will play Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars parody

My Little Teenage Girls: Friendship is Magic she played Fluttershy

Super Gacha lifers she played Rosalina

She will play Little Bear in Little Dorothy (Little Bear)

The Nutcracker Scarecrow Prince she will play Clara