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Doc McStuffins Disney Junior
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Dottie McStuffins (nicknamed Doc McStuffins) is a 6-year-old (later 7) girl who is the main protagonist from the 2012 animated Disney Junior series, Doc McStuffins.

Doc wears a glittery purple headband with a flower (consisting of 5 pink petals around its white center on it), a white lab coat with rolled-up sleeves, pockets on each side, and a timberwolf button on its left side, a lavender fleece shirt with purple stripes, a pink fleece skirt with pointy cuts, lavender knee pants with pink and rose polka dots on them, a pair of purple ankle-length socks, a pair of sparkly pink sneakers with white trimmings, and her magic stethoscope (consisting of both pink ear tips and chest plate, both lavender ear tube and tubing, a rose chest piece, and a white diaphragm with its insignia consisting of a sienna Band-Aid with a red heart on its center diagonally to the left on a purple outline circle) that causes her toy buddies to come to life when her family and human friends aren't with her. When treating pets, she normally wears underneath her doctor's coat a green shirt with pink paw prints. In Season 4, she wears a toysponder, a magical bracelet resembling a bandage. She is usually seen in other clothes in some episodes.

Doc plays Happy in Rapunzel White and the Seven Disney Juniors

He is a dwarf.

Doc plays Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron (Disney Junior Style)

Doc plays Cinderella in Docrella

Doc plays Snow White in Doc White and the Seven Friends

Doc plays Alice in Doc in Wonderland

He is a little girl.




  • Doc usually appears in other clothes in some episodes.
  • Doc is African-American.
  • In addition to being a doctor, Doc also likes playing soccer with her best friend Emmie.
  • It is also hinted that Emmie may be the same age as Doc, while Alma, Will, and Luca may be the same age as Donny.
  • Doc has cried in "Stuck Up".
  • Doc's voice actress, Kiara Muhammad, also voices Princess Kari in the Disney Junior series, Sofia the First.
  • Her appearances are only at the ends of each film spoof travel such as The Secret of NIMH, Animals, Inc, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, A Pooh in Central Park, The Brave Little Piglet, and The Thomas O'Malley Movie.
  • She often works as a doctor and a film theater employee with a torch.
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