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Dr. Drakken is Main Villain of Kim Possible. His Real Name Drew Theodore Lipsky.

He and his assistant Shego have tried to take over the world on several occasions. However, he is always thwarted by Kim Possible, much to his dismay. He has a big ego, and views himself as superior to others because of his intellect. He also has a cowardly side, and can be seen fleeing from threats of violence and anger.

Dr. Drakken continues his plans to take over the world with Shego, and has even mind controlled Judy Neutron into joining his squad.

Voice Actors:

  1. John DiMaggio - English

He played Professor Nimnul in Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

He is a mad scientist

He played Erol in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

He is a weasel

He played Dr. Eggman in Ron X

He is Sonic's enemy

He Played Professor Ratigan in The Great Spy Boy Detective

He is a Rat

He Played Giovanni in Pokemon (1701Movies Human Style)

He is the Head of Team Rocket

He Played Fat Cat in Ron 'n Ash Rescue Rangers

He is a cat

He Played In Ronladdin

He is a Sorcerer

He Played Dr Aka alpha gang Leader In Dinosaur King (398Movies Human Style)

He is a Mad S

He Played Dennis In The Ron Stoppable Movie

He is a Bounty Hunter