Dr eggman sonic the hedgehog

Dr. Eggman is the main antagonist in Sonic the Hedgehog.

He played Edgar In The Aristowolves

He is a butler

He played Alameda Slim in Home On The Tundra

He is a cattle thief

He played The Emperor in Star Wars (ToonJoey34 Style)

He is the Emperor

He played Yon-Rha In Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

He is a firebender

He played in Saruman The Mobius Lord Of The Rings

He played General Mandible in Characterz (Antz; 1998)

He played Hopper in A Toon's Life (CharlieBrownandSci-TwiFans Style) and A Toon's Life (Lincoln Loud&Ronnie Anne's Channel Style)

He is a Grasshopper

He played Creeper in The Black Cauldron (160 Movies Style)

He is a goblin

He Played Shan yu huntsman in Amy Roselan

He is

He played Dr. Doofenshmirtz in Chum Chum and Fanboy (Phineas and Ferb)

He is a doctor

He played McLeach in The Rescuers Down Under (Trainboy43 Style)

He is a poacher

He played Obadiah Stane in Iron Tails

He played Jafar in Luigiladdin (Dr. Motobug Style), Leoladdin, Leoladdin II: The Return of Dr. Robotnik and Leoladdin III: The King of Thieves



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