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Dr. Gluckman is a space scientist who appeared in Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Dr. Gluckman was first seen in the Space station in the stage sitting in the table with the other scientist listening Commander Bristle's speech and Biff Buzzard and Buzz Blister are been chosen for the long waited mission to Mars. As Buzz is making a speech, the stage curtain collapses, Tom and Jerry emerged from it covered in green paint. However, one of the audiences mistook them for little green men and flee except Bristle, Biff, and Buzz. Dr. Gluckman was pleased to see real aliens, as he and Bristle greet them only the paint removing away from them, causing Bristle to realizes that they are not aliens which Dr. Gluckman believes him and proceed to attack them but they beat each other. They caught Tom and is thrown out while Jerry escapes. Dr. Gluckman shows Bristle how a rehydrated pizza dinner powder turns into a pizza and drops water into it, Bristle tastes it and it tastes delicious just like his mother made for him. After Jerry accidentally rehydrated half of the dehydrated meals and Dr. Gluckman inform Bristle that they have a mouse in the house which he already knew and he explains to him that Tom who they threw out is the one who could help get rid of Jerry and Bristle orders the workers to find Tom and bring him back. The workers soon find Tom outside the station and lure him in with a rehydrated fish. They order Tom to get rid of Jerry which he accepts. Before the countdown for the rocket ready to launch Biff is having a problem with his bladder which Buzz tells that they should go to the toilet before proceeding to the rocket and they argue, which Dr. Gluckman tells them to knock it off. Unknown to them Tom and Jerry stowed on the rocket and inform Bristle about the rocket's condition that the rocket will crash into the sun and vaporize Biff, Buzz, Tom and Jerry. Dr. Gluckman instructs Biff and Buzz to go outside the rocket, open the fuse box and trigger the wire of the antenna. Biff and Buzz return to Earth and they celebrate but this is short-lived when aliens arrive Dr. Gluckman and Bristle start to fight each other as one of the aliens announced that they will conquer Earth. However they are saved when Tom and Jerry arrive with a redeemed Peep forcing them to retreat and integrate Biff and the others, and the aliens sent a robot to deal with them. But the robot is destroyed with help from Spike the Bulldog. Dr. Gluckman, Bristle, BIff and Buzz thank Tom, Jerry, and Peep for their actions.