Dr. Klaus Mensa is the villian of the L'ois & Clark  episode "The Family Hour"

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In this episode, Dr. Mensa is the founder of "Dynomonics," an organization and methodology which a number of characters in this episode refer to as a "cult". He was arrested for criminal activities, but while in there, used its methods to increase his mental powers to the point where he gained telekinesis. As a demonstration of this, he murdered the guard who let him out.

After being released from the Metropolis Federal Penitentiary. Dr. Mensa murders Carter Clavens as part of his quest to have revenge on the people who "betrayed" him. He then goes after Misha who is now the science and business partner of Sam Lane (the father of Lois Lane). Like Carter Clavens, Misha is a former follower of Dr. Mensa. Like Clavens, Misha left Dynomonics when he realized that the organization was a front for Dr. Mensa's criminal activity and not simply a benevolent path to self-fulfillment and self-improvement.

Arriving he threatened and intended to murder him, however Misha managed to save his skin by pretending that he had invented a device that would increase Dr. Mensa's abilties to even greater levels. Convincing him, Mensa spared him for the time being. However as there was no such machine in existance, Miisha was forced to give him secrets he accidentally discovered to distract the mad man. Notably Superman's true idenity and help him kidnap both Superman and Lois Lanes parents.

Mensa continued his plan, using his powers to rob money. But confronted by Superman he threatens to have them killed. However Misha was convinced to betray his abbusive former master, and agreed to fake murdering them. Something Superman was aware of. Superman attacked him, but Mensa used his powers to create a distraction. Returning to the lab, he mistook the situation that the murder had driven the man of steel insane and he was right behind them. Panicking he demanded the machine. Havign nothing to give, Misha instead gave him an experimental one designed to remove bad memories, but untested. Mensa tried to turn his powers on Superman, but instead the machine wiped his memories, robbing him of his enhanced powers and the memory of who Superman was.

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