Dr. Z
Dr. Z

Dr. Z (Dr. ソーノイダ Dr. Sonoida) is the main antagonist in the first series of Dinosaur King, as the leader of the notorious Alpha Gang. However, after being betrayed by his long-time comrade, Seth, Dr. Z changes his ways and joins the D-Team's cause. He is voiced by Tetsuo Goto (Japanese) and Eric Stuart (English).

He Played Professor Norton Nimnul in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

He Played Scar in The Child King

He Played Air Conditioner in The Brave Little Drake

He Played Jenner in The Secret of NIMH (4000Movies Style)

He Played Rothbart in The Pig Princess (Ooglyeye Style)

He Played ???? In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Ooglyeye Style)

He Played Jafar In Toriladdin and the Return of Dr. Z

He Played Aldrin Klordane

He Played Sa'Luk in Darienladdin 3:

He Played Yu in Rinilan

He Played Mr. P In Darien and the Teenagers (1983)

Voice Actors:

  1. Eric Stuart - English
  2. Tetsuo Goto - Japanese
  3. Rolando de Castro - Spanish
  4. Martin Spinhayer - French



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