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Dr Nefario the Scientist and Friends is a parody of TTTE Created by TheBigBigArchive and Baby Dexter(Who Went on to Make Splatter & Dodge's Adventures of Kill la Kill) on YouTube.

The Theme song is here:

Dr nefario and friends joke by thebigbigarchive de7vu9h-pre.jpg

  • Dr Nefario (From Despicable Me) as Thomas
  • Daddy Pig (From Peppa Pig) as Edward
  • Father Jack (From Father Ted) as Henry
  • Mariotehplumber as Gordon
  • Tec the Tractor (From Tec the Tractor) as James
  • Chowder (From Chowder) as Percy
  • Trampy (From The Shoe People) as Toby
  • The Walrus (From Pingu) as Duck
  • Mio and Mao (From Mio Mao) as Donald and Douglas
  • Pencil and Match (From Battle for Dream Island) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Suitcase (From Inanimate Insanity) as Henrietta
  • Scoop (From Bob the Builder) as Bertie
  • Jubilee (From Underground Ernie) as Terence
  • Estonian Dwarf (From The Simpsons) as Trevor
  • Dougal (From The Magic Roundabout) as Harold
  • Plankton (From Spongebob Squarepants) as Diesel
  • Great Uncle Bulgaria (From The Wombles) as BoCo
  • Gumball and Darwin (From The Amazing World of Gumball) as Bill and Ben
  • Honoka Kosaka (From Love Live - School Idol Project) as Daisy
  • Trevor Evans (From Fireman Sam) as The Fat Controller
  • Dilys Price (From Fireman Sam) as Lady Hatt
  • Star Butterfly (From Star Vs the Forces of Evil) as Mavis
  • The MLP Ponies as The Troublesome Trucks/Foolish Freight Cars
  • Peter Fogg (From Postman Pat) as Oliver
  • Sweep (From Sooty) as Toad
  • O’hare (From The Lorax) as Bulgy
  • The South Park characters as The Narrow Gauge Engines
    • Great Great Grandpa Marsh (From South Park) as Skarloey
    • Grandpa Marsh (From South Park) as Rheneas
    • Stan Marsh (From South Park) as Sir Handel
    • Kyle Broflovski (From South Park) as Peter Sam
    • Kenny McCormick (From South Park) as Rusty
    • Eric Cartman (From South Park) as Duncan
    • Mr Garrison (From South Park) as Duke
    • Mr Slave (From South Park) as Bertram
    • Terence and Phillip (From South Park) as Mighty Mac
    • Randy Marsh (From South Park) as Fearless Freddie
  • Bella Lasagne (From Fireman Sam) as The Refreshment Lady
  • Loona (From Hazbin Hotel) as George
  • Berk (From The Trap Door) as Stepney
  • Matt Damon (From Arthur) as The Class 40 Diesel
  • Nicola Stergeon (From Newzoids) as Cranky

Dr Nefario the Scientist and Friends Themes


Season 1

  • Dr Nefario & Mariotehplumber
  • Daddy Pig & Mariotehplumber
  • The Sad Story of Father Jack
  • Daddy Pig, Mariotehplumber & Father Jack
  • Dr Nefario's Train
  • Dr Nefario and the Ponies
  • Dr Nefario and the Breakdown Train
  • Tec and the Coaches
  • Troublesome Ponies
  • Tec and the Express
  • Dr Nefario and the Guard
  • Dr Nefario Goes Fishing
  • Dr Nefario, Jubilee, and the Snow
  • Dr Nefario & Scoop
  • True Swaggers and Turntables
  • Trouble in the Shed
  • Chowder Runs Away
  • Food
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Whistles and Sneezes
  • Trampy and the Stout Gentleman
  • Dr Nefario in Trouble
  • Dirty Objects
  • Off the Ground
  • Down the Mine
  • Dr Nefario's Christmas Party

Season 2

  • Dr Nefario, Chowder, and the Rocks
  • Cows
  • Scoop's Chase
  • Saved from Death
  • Old Pig
  • Dr Nefario & Estonian Dwarf
  • Chowder and the Signal
  • The Walrus Takes Charge
  • Chowder & Dougal
  • The Runaway
  • Chowder Takes the Plunge
  • Pop Goes the Plankton
  • Dirty Work
  • A Close Shave
  • Better Late than Never
  • Break-a-Guy
  • The Deputation
  • Dr Nefario Comes to Breakfast
  • Honoka
  • Chowder's Predicament
  • The Bulgeasel
  • Wrong Road
  • Daddy Pig's Exploit
  • Ghost Guy
  • Woolly Bear
  • Dr Nefario and the Missing Christmas Tree

Season 3

  • A Scarf for Chowder
  • Chowder's Promise
  • Time for Trouble
  • Mariotehplumber and the Famous Visitor
  • Mio's Duck
  • Dr Nefario get's Bumped
  • Dr Nefario, Chowder and the Dragon
  • Plankton Does it Again
  • Father Jack's Forest
  • The Trouble with Mud
  • No Joke for Tec
  • Dr Nefario, Chowder and the Post Train
  • Trust Dr Nefario
  • Star Butterfly
  • Trampy's Tightrope
  • Daddy Pig, Estonian Dwarf and the Really Useful Party
  • Buzz Buzz
  • All at Sea
  • One Good Turn
  • Big People
  • Escape
  • Peter Fogg Owns Up
  • O'Hare
  • Heroes
  • Chowder, Tec and the Fruitful Day
  • Dr Nefario and Chowder's Christmas Adventure

Season 4

  • GrandGarrison
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Bulldog
  • You Can’t Win
  • Four Little Humans
  • A Bad Day For Stan Marsh
  • Kyle Broflovski and the Italian Lady
  • Ponies
  • Home at Last
  • Rock ‘n Roll
  • Special Hat
  • Hell Hound
  • Passengers and Polish
  • Gallant Old Person
  • Kenny To The Rescue
  • Dr Nefario and Berk
  • Berk Stops Play
  • Bowled Out
  • Father Jack and the Elephant
  • Sweep Stands By
  • Bulls Eyes
  • Dr Nefario and the Special Letter
  • Paint Pots and Queens
  • Fish
  • Special Attraction
  • Mind That Bike

Season 5 (WIP)

Specials (WIP)

  • Dr Nefario and the Magic Pathway
  • Calling All Characters!

Character Gallery (WIP)

Poster Gallerey