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Drake is the main antagonist in Don Bluth's The Pebble and the Penguin.

Drake played Captain Gantu in Robyn and Chowder

He is a shark-like alien

Drake played Jafar in Busteraddin

He's a greedy wicked Grand vizier

Drake played Sa'Luk in Dudleyladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a murderer

Drake played Goliath in Kion and the Giant Penguin

He is a pickle

Drake played Big Bad in June And Snoopy

He is a wolf

Drake Played Colonel Stuart In Cat Hard 2 Cat Harder (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He Is A Terrorists

Drake played Uncle Harry in Hubie and the Penguins (1983)

Drake played Prince Froglip in The Princess and the Penguin

He is a prince

Drake played Paul in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (399Movies Animal Style)

Drake played Lots-O-Huggin Bear in Critter Story 3

He is a Teddy bear

Drake played Zirconia in Sailor Brisby and Sailor Brisby (VIZ)

Drake played Sosuke Aizen in Bleach (400Movies Style)

Drake played Scar in The Penguin King, The Siamese King King, and The Classic Dog King

He is an evil lion

Drake played Toon Judge Doom in Who Framed Lucky Jack?

He is a judge

Drake played Judge Claude Frollo in The Bully of Notre Dame

Drake played Thrax in Christopher Robin (a.k.a. Osmosis Jones)

Drake played Jafar in Cashladdin

Drake played Bowser in Super Hubie Bros. Series