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Dreadfula (The Blackwood Ghoul School).png

Dreadfula is an evil witch who lived in her castle.

Voice Actors:

  1. Jo Anne Worley - English


Slender, olive-tan scaled skin yellow orange eyes with red pupils, green hair, black dress.


She has a desire to rule the world, controlling the strong monster daughters was one means of working towards this goal.


  • So unthinkable. You unsuccessfully brainwashing the girls. (Her plan failed that the Taranbats brainwashes the girls.)
  • Those girls aren't obeyed me to command them. Yes, I got it. (He turns to Creeping Poison Bush) I'll use the monstrous mirror to trap them.
  • Yes, yes. These meddlesome kids led to the well where the giant monster, what do you think?
  • Yes, my reluctant friend. And when these elusive heroes try to escape. (Laughing) My formula is ready. (Sinister Laugh)
  • I'm afraid you can not leave, fools. (Cackles) Surprise! (she and Creeping Poison Bush appears in front of the heroes.) (Seluna: You! I saw you. She's the wicked witch of the web. You must be Dreadfula!) Yes. You guessed it. Bravo.
  • What are you doing?! Get out of here, or else! (Annalisa Frankenteen: You can't tell me what to do!) Then watch what I can do to your friends. (She Waves her Wand, but Macey grabs Dreadfula by her hair, she turns the two last Taranbats into dusts.) MY PETS! (She was shocked to see her disintegrated Taranbats, she mournfully picks up the dusts.) Oh, my poor little babies...
  • Watch where you going, you doofus! (Creeping Poison Bush accidentally set fire to her castle by using his flaming torch.) (Dreadfula Accidentally dropped her Wand, and it burns completely) MY WAND!! It's completely burned it! (Waverly: We're gonna be all burned.) (Seluna: I'll fly us out, but I can only take one at a time.)
  • (Creeping Poison Bush: Look, Dreadfula! The good little ghouls fled! They're getting away!) (Blackwood Girls: Heroes rules, wicked witch's drools! Boo-yah!) Oh no. It's so unfair. It's so unfair. (She was humiliated that the heroes and the girls escapes Dreadfula's castle.) (Creeping Poison Bush: I knew this was happening. But don't tell me, your plan has failed forever. (He began to sniff and smelled something.) What's the burning smell? (He looks at her burning castle.) Look what we've done to your castle!) (Screams) My castle! (She was panicked as she saw her castle is burned, her panic then turns into violent rage. She hits Creeping Poison Bush with her wooden plank. He screams in terror.) Hold still, you leafy creep! (Creeping Poison Bush: AH! OOH! DREADFULA, NO! PLEASE! OH, NO!) You crazy nincompoop! (Creeping Poison Bush Pleads with Dreadfula, but Dreadfula Ignores her Pleas) You florestal simpleton! (Creeping Poison Bush: SAVE ME! AAHH!) (last words) You bush-whacked oaf! (Creeping Poison Bush: HELP! SHE'S GONE SPREAD-RAVING MAD!!!) (His shout echoing as her castle completely burned as she and Creeping Poison Bush met by fiery fate, killing them both)