Duchess is the main character from the 1970 Disney film called The Aristocats.  She is a female Persian cat and the mother of Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz, along with the love interest and later wife of Thomas O'Malley.


Animation Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Birds Duchess Played as Taun We

Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal She played as Haru's Mother

Bathound & Fox She played as Gossip Gerty

Supertiger: The Last Son Of Krypton She played as Lois Lane

The Princess and The Cat Duchess Played as Frog Tiana

Beauty and the Pooh Duchess Played as Belle

Princezan, Tuliozan, Tuliozan II, and Skyzan Duchess played as Kala

She is a gorilla

The Little Mer-Cat (Stephen Druschke's Version) and The Little Duchess Duchess played as Ariel

Tangled (Nikkdisneylover8390's Animal Style) Duchess played as Rapunzel

We're Back!: A Feline's Story Duchess played as Elsa

Oliver and Berlioz Duchess played as Nora Frensky

Female Cats, Inc. Duchess played Sulley

Duchzan Duchess played as Adult Tarzan

Duchcules Duchess played as Hercules

The Bunny Queen, and The Lola King Duchess played as Pumbaa

The Duchess King, The Alley Cat Queen, and The Female Cat Queen and Duchess played as Adult Simba

The Alley Cat King, and The Kitten King (requested by Bambi's Ohanna) Duchess played as Adult Nala

Duchhontas Duchess played as Pocahontas

Piglet (aka Dumbo) Duchess played as Elephant Giddy

Sawyerlan Duchess played as Fa Li

The Pagemaster (SuperDisneyFan15 Animal Style) Duchess played as Claire Tyler

Danny and Bagheera Duchess played as Madeline Johnston

She is Jason's mother and Gunther's stepmother

The Cat King Duchess played as Sarabi

Fievel Hood Duchess played as Mother Rabbit

Thomas O'Malley of the Jungle Duchess played as Ursula

Coppernocchio Duchess played as Jiminy Cricket

The Little Mer-Dog Duchess played as Ursula as Vanessa

Dannyarzan played as Tarzan's mother

Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style played as Kya

Sawyerstasia played as Marie

Marlenlina played as Thumbelina's Mother

Baby einstein amy rose played as Pavlov Puppet

Sawyer in Wonderland played as Alice's Sister

Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein) played as Cheerleader Crash

Total Drama Revenge of the Island (Animal Style) played as Dakota

She is a teen movie star

Frozen (Disney and Sanrio's Animal Style) she played as Elsa

She is a snow queen

The Land Before Time (Disney and Sanrio's Animal Style) she played as Littlefoot's Grandmother

She is a longneck

Beauty and the Llama, Beauty and the Llama 2: The Enchanted Christmas and Beauty and the Llama 3: Duchess' Magical World Duchess played as Belle

The O'Malley of Notre Dame 2 Duchess played as Madellaine

Gidget’s Clues (Animation Movie Films and TV Shows Style)

She is a teacher

Sailor Duchess Played as Sailor Moon

she is the leader sailor scout

Sailor Perdita Played as

She is the 2nd Sailor Scout

Sailor Baby Bob Played as

She is the Third Sailor Scout

Sailor Moon Spoof for 155Movies she Played as

She is the ????

Sailor Andie she Played as

She is the Five Sailor Scout


  • The Aristocats (TomandCleocatra Style) - Duchess is played by Cleocatra
  • The Aristomice (Thomas O'Malley's Style) - Duchess is played by Mrs. Brisby
  • The AristoHumans (Bruce Hogan Style) - Duchess is played by Princess Jasmine


  • Boyfriend - Thomas O'Malley
  • Father - Baba Miao
  • Mother - Mama Miao
  • Sisters - Sawyer, Sagwa, Gwendolyn and Sheegwa
  • Brother - Dongwa
  • Children - Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz
  • Grandfather - Yeh Yeh Miao
  • Grandmother - Nai Nai Miao


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