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erika__the_daughter_of_ragear__by_olgamidnightwolf_db4g55w-fullview.jpg|Erika is the daughter of Ragear, Wife of Duke, Daughter-In-Law of Grey and Bianca/Sister-In-Law of Grey Jr. and the mother of her unnamed twin wolf pups
== Relatives ==
== Relatives ==

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He is the brother of Grey Jr.

Duke the son of gray and bianca by olgamidnightwolf db3yetn-fullview

Roles Edit

He played Charlotte Braven in GREYVEN (Braven)Edit

He played Coraline in DukelineEdit

Portrayals Edit

Gallery Edit

Relatives Edit

  • Grey (Father)
  • Bianca (Mother)
  • Grey Jr. (Brother)
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