Duncan is one of the main characters in Total Drama.

Full Name Duncan Jerry Cutler

Diesel or Diesel 10 ( Thomas and Friends)

Zorran ( TUGS )

Harison (Chuginctoon)

Humans ( Sausage Party)

Mr Macnight ,Mr Wickles ,Sheep stealer or Capitan Cutler ( Scooby doo )

Justin Bieber ( AGK )

PLOT hero version

James or Fearless Freedie (Thomas and Friends)

Top Hat ( TUGS )

Firewater ( Sausage party)

Spedy,Irving or Hodge ( Chuginctoon )

Squidwart or MR Krabs ( Spongebob )

Alvin (Alvin and the chipmonks)

Duncan played Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Jake the Fox

He is a Detective

Duncan played Duke's thugs in Frozen (160 Movies Style)

He Played Sheep stealer in Thomas o' malley doo Where are you ?

He played as Shrek in Duncan (Shrek)

He is a Ogre


  • Father-Snotty Boy Cutler
  • Mother-Darla Sherman Cutler
  • Granfather - Capitan George Cutler
  • Wife-Courtney
  • Brother-Vector
  • Nephews-Thomas Roshan, Nelson Roshan, Walter Roshan
  • Niece-Nora Roshan
  • Son-Dustin Harlan McCann Sr.
  • Sons in law-Mangus Honey and Mr. Electricdad
  • Daughters-Agatha Trunchbull and Nolia Honey
  • Ex-Daughter in law-Beverly Carson-Simpson
  • Daughter in law-Rita Cowart
  • Grandson-Dustin Lawrence "Justin" McCann Jr., Steven Lionel and Jacob Whitsell
  • Granddaughter-Jennifer Honey
  • Great grandsons-Lionel and Kirby McCann


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