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Dustin Lawrence "Justin" McCann Jr. (born October 29, 1968) is Agatha McCann-Trunchbull's nephew, Dustin McCann Sr. and Beverly Carson-McCann's son, Miss Jennifer Honey's cousin and Rita Cowart's stepson


He played Darth Vader in Live Action Star Wars

He is a Sith Lord

He played Darkos in Lewis and the Invisibles

He played Norman Snively in Air Bud (CowboyHuskyFan360)

He played Colonel Jack Joshua in Lethal Weapon (??? Style)

He played Dominic Badguy in ??? Most Wanted

He played Garth in Mighty Magilla Young

He played Whobris, the Mayor's Aid in How The Cowboy Husky Stole Christmas (2000)

He played Sa'luk in Gusladdin 3: Gusladdin and the King of Thieves

He is a thief and a murderer

He played Wiggins in Camillehontas

He played Ross in The Angry Birds Movie (160 Movies Human Style)

He is a pig

He played Hoagy in

He is a Dr. Terminus' helper

He played Amos Slade in The ??? and the ???

He is a hunter

He played Lawrence in The ??? and the ???

He played LeFou in Beauty and the Berk

He played Mr. Dawes Jr. in Oriana Poppins

He played Mr. Greene in Baloo of the North

He played Percival C. McLeach in The Rescuers Down Under (Baloo The BearFan Human Style)

He is an outback poacher

He played Lickboot in ??? and ???: The Movie

He played Dr. Applecheeks in ??? and ???: The Movie

He played Grimsby in Flynn Claus is Comin' to Town

He played Harry Pringle in Deadly Friend (WartandAliceFan Style)

He is Samantha's abusive and alcoholic father

He played Jim Bob in The Brave Little Cheetah: To the Rescue

He played Grim Gloom in

He played Spicer Lovejoy in Titanic (150 Movies Style)

He is Cal Hockley's right-hand man

He played Ferguson in David Rich

He played Buldeo in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (160 Movies Style)

He played Dijon in

He played Mzingo in The Medieval Guard

He played Rico in Home on the Range (??? Style)

He played Judge Doom in Who Framed Tyson Unident

He played Sullivan in The Secret of NIMH (??? Style)

He played Nuka in The Rodeo Cowboy King 2: Eric Norris' Ranch

He played Marv in Home Alone (150 Movies Style)

He played Sarousch in The Cowboy of Notre Dame 2

He played Wade in Free ???

He played Jack Torrance in The Shining (??? Style)

He played Mr. Gristle in The Boxtrolls (??? Style)

He played The Coachman in

He played Burger Beard in The Tyson Unident Movie: Cowboy Husky Out of Water

He played Trevor the Rat in Meet the Feebles (160 Movies Human Style)

He played Percy "King" Dimplewade in The Nut Job (160 Movies Style)

He played Mr. Smee in

He played Robert in Norm (Ted)

He played Lord Farquaad in Sinbad (Shrek)

He played Van Pelt in Jumanji (??? Style)

He played King Candy in Wreck-It Tyson Unident

He played Professor Hinkle in Tyson Unident the Cowboy Husky (Frosty the Snowman)

He played Air Conditioner in The Brave Little ???

He played Dr. Calico in Kodi (Bolt)

He played Snidely Whiplash in Justin McDo-Right

He played Man in ??? (Bambi)

He played Cactus Jack in The Villain (200 Movies Style)

He played Manas in Star Trek Beyond (160 Movies Style)

He played Charlie in Anario Reacher

He played Ritcher in Total Recall (??? Style)

He played Herb Overkill in ??? (Minions)

He played Mr. Tweedy in ??? Run

He played Hooded Claw in The Perils of Ariel Pitstop

He played Darren in Sausage Party (??? Style)

He played Killer in All ??? Go to Heaven

He played Carface in All ??? Go to Heaven 2

He played Bug Zapper in

He played The Ringmaster in Marshall (Dumbo)

He played Larry Quinn in The Cowboy Husky in the Hat (2003) (CowboyHuskyFan360)

He played Sir Kay in The Sword in the Stone (??? Style)

He played The Duke of Weselton in Frozen (??? Style)


  • Slender man, black hair/goatee, green eyes, black felt cowboy hat, long sleeve black pin striped shirt with Celtic cross design, praying cowboy tri-color belt buckle, blue jeans, brown cowboy boots


  • Rogers County, Oklahoma


  • Oologah-Talala Public School (1973-87)
  • Rogers State University (1987-90)


  • Rodeo, Ranch, Cigarettes, Beer, Hard Liquor, Various Artists Heavy Metal music recorded 90s-present on, William the Tuxedo Cat, Trailblazer, Agatha, Snotty Boy, Darla, Gravitina, Steven and Jacob Whitsell, Austin and Chad Wilson, Saddle Bronc Riding, MMA Elite T-Shirts and Shorts with skulls, Steaks, His Father, Rita Cowart (His Stepmother), Mother Gothel, Miami Ink, Beating Up Toddlers, Agatha's Javelin Throw, Summer Olympics, Family and Fantasy shows, earning money after housework, Horses, Team Roping with His Dad, Bullhide, Sunbody Hats


  • Country music, Remi the Yorkie, Egg Salad, Boiled Eggs, Dog Kisses, Beverly (His Real Mother), Baby Farm Animals, not earning money after housework, Donkeys, Eric and Shauna Norris, Tom Sellick and Sam Elliot, State Farm Insurance, Stetson, Serratelli


  • Great-Grandfather-Snotty Boy
  • Great-Grandmother-Darla Sherman
  • Paternal Grandfather-Duncan
  • Paternal Grandmother-Courtney
  • Maternal Grandfather-Jasper Carson
  • Maternal Grandmother-Penelope Carson
  • Maternal Uncles-Thomas and Randolph Carson
  • Maternal Cousins-Alan, Caleb and Evelyn Carson
  • Father-Dustin McCann Sr.
  • Mother-Beverly Carson-Simpson
  • Stepmother-Rita Cowart
  • Step-grandmother-Robbin Perry
  • Paternal Cousins-Jennifer Honey, Steven and Jacob Whitsell
  • Paternal Aunts-Agatha Trunchbull and Nolia Honey
  • Wife-Miranda McCann
  • Step-Aunt-Rainie Cowart-Gassen
  • Step-Uncles-Austin and Chad Wilson, Roan Cowart
  • Sons-Lionel and Kirby McCann
  • Father in law-Clarence Custer
  • Mother in law-Ellie Mae Custer


  • Indoor Cat-William
  • Horse-Trailblazer


  • Marvin G. and Beverly Carson-Simpson
  • Matthew and Amber Padgett
  • D.V. and Bailey Fennell
  • Eric and Shauna Norris
  • William and Estella G. Padgett
  • Beth Padgett
  • Jayla Wortman
  • Mason Padgett
  • Kaycee Field
  • Rusty Wright
  • Justin McDaniel and Kara Kester


  • To sell newborn farm animals without their mother that he hates them and earn cash
  • To kill baby goats with a shotgun

Voice Actors

  1. Jeff Bennett - English


  • 1986 blue Mercury Sable 4-door sedan