Earl David Wilson and Ernest Dennis Wilson (born February 21, 1970) are Rita Cowart's twin nephews.

They played Abis Mal in Gusladdin 2: The Return of McCann Sr. and Gusladdin (TV Series)

They played Fidget in The Great Nerd Detective

They played Trigger and Nutsy in Anario Hood

They played Master Little in The Tourettes Guy and I

They played Lt. John Wilkins and Tabaqui in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (160 Movies Style)

They played Cheezi and Chungu in The Medieval Guard

The played Mr. Snoops in The Rescuers (??? Style)

They played Grover and Willie Gogan in

They played Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout in The Boxtrolls (160 Movies Style)

They played Banzai in The Rodeo Cowboy King

They played Barry the Bulldog and Cedric the Warthog in Meet the Feebles (160 Movies Human Style)

They played The Straycatchers in ??? and ???: The Movie

Thay played Gonzorgo and Roderigo in Babes in Toyland (BassRockz style)


  • Earl: Slender, brown hair/beard
  • Ernest: Obese, red hair/goatee


  • Miami, Florida


  • Miami High


  • Earl: Billiard/pool table, food, video games, watching TV, synthpop/new wave music, money
  • Ernest: Food, Billiard/pool table, video games, watching TV, electronic body music music, money


  • Hard to getting along


  • Maternal Grandfather-James Cowart
  • Maternal Grandmother-Robbin Perry
  • Mother-Rainie Cowart
  • Maternal Aunt-Rita Cowart
  • Maternal Uncle-Roan Cowart
  • Maternal Grandmother-Cynthia Perry
  • Maternal Cousins-Max Graham and Sadie Beuttel
  • Maternal Step-cousins-Dustin "Justin" McCann Jr.

Voice Actors for Earl

  1. English - Peter Newman

Voice Actors for Ernest

  1. English - Chris Phillips
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