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East African Springhare (Pedetes surdaster) (8290878677).jpg

The East African springhare (Pedetes surdaster) is not closely related to the hare, but is a member of the Pedetidae, a rodent family. This species is found in central and southern Kenya and most of Tanzania. A single specimen has been recorded in Uganda near the Kenya border, at Mount Moroto. It is found from sea level up to an altitude over 2,000 m. The East African springhare resembles a small kangaroo and is about the size of a rabbit. It is mid-brown, has large erect ears, very short fore legs, and long powerful hind legs. It moves in bounds of up to 2 m and has a long tail fringed with black hairs which provides balance. It can sit up on its haunches like a squirrel.



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