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Ed is an Crazy Hyena in The Lion King.

He played Flotsam in The Little Mer-Cat

He played Gideon in Dumbo (Pinocchio)

He is a cat

He played Fidget in The Great Cat Detective (Davidchannel's Version)

He, Banzai and Shenzi are a bat

He played Lucifer in Nalarella

He is a cat

He played Meowth in Pokemon (Animal Style)

He is a member of Team Rocket

He played Flounder as a Howling Hairfish in The Little Mer-Lioness (TV Series)

He is a Howling Hairfish

He played Zeke in Animal Age series (Otto Gameplays13 version)

He played Delta in Wild Animal Park Franchise (Otto Gameplay13 version)

He is a Velociraptor