Eden is Genie's Girlfriend in Aladdin TV Series

He Played In Talespin (Baloo The BearFan360 Human Style)

She Played Rapunzel In Tangled (Disney and Sega Human Style)

She is a princess

She Played In The Little Princess 3: Rapunzel's Beginning (Princess Rapunzel Style)

She Played Queen Lilian In

She is a queen

She Played Olive Oyl In Genie (Popeye 1980)

She Played Mad and Holy Old Witch in The Genie and the Street Rat

She is a witch

She Played Mrs. Claus in Jake The Red Nosed Pirate

She is Santa Claus's Wife

She Played Mrs. Ladybug in Taran and the Giant Peach


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