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Edgar is the male villain from The Aristocats.

He played Farouk; Apple Seller in Kermiladdin

He is an apple seller

He played Joe in Edmond (Dumbo)

He is a janitor

He played Vincent Cadby in Anario Ventura: When Nature Calls

He played Rune Haako in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

He played Lawrence "Larry" Quinn in The Penguin in the Hat (2003)

He is the Waldens' sloppy neighbor

He played Jafar in Wartladdin and Wartladdin 2: The Return of Edgar

He is sorcerer

He played Dr. Jekyll in The Pagemaster (HappyEnding912 Style)

He is a doctor

He played King Candy in Wreck-It Aladdin

He is a king

He played The Ringmaster in Skippy (a.k.a Dumbo)

He is a ringmaster

He played Sykes in Edmond & Company

He is a loan shark

He played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Wart Hood and Cale Hood

He is a wolf

He played himself in the Clash of the Links franchise

He is the main villain alongside the Cybermen and Daleks.

He played Mr. Tweedy in Feline Run

He is a farmer