She is one of the Main Characters in Dan vs

Elise played Jane Porter in Chriszan

She is a Beautiful British Girl

Elise played Princess Jasmine in Chrisladdin, Chrisladdin 2: The Return of Prince Hans and Chrisladdin 3: The King of Thieves

She is an Arabian Princess

Elise Played Megera in Chriscules

She Secretly Worked for Hades

Elise Played Mulan in Elise a.k.a. Mulan

She is the Hero of China

Elise Played Thumbelina in Eliselina

She is a Small Girl

Elise played Videl in Pony Ball Z

She is a student of Orange Star High School

Elise played Celia in Pony Inc

Elise played Aladdin in Eliseladdin, Eliseladdin: The Return of Nightmare Moon, Eliseladdin: The Queen of Thieves

Elise played Birdman in Elisewoman

Elise played Mr. Darling in Sunset Pan


Elise is played by Yellow Kirby in Tails Vs.

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