Elizabeth Hansford

Elizabeth Hansford (古幡宇奈月 Unazuki Furuhata) was the younger sister of Motoki in the anime and manga, and worked at Fruits Parlor Crown as a waitress. She attended T·A Academy for Girls. In Sailor Moon SuperS she appeared more frequently. Her name in the English dub was Elizabeth Hansford, though she was called "Lizzie" at first.

Voice Actors

  1. Sabrina Grdevich (R) - English
  2. Catherine Disher (S) - English
  3. Susan Aceron (Super S) - English
  4. Veronica Taylor (VIZ) - English
  5. Miyako Endo - Japanese
  6. Eriko Hara (Episode 94) - Japanese
  7. Sharon Shachal - Hebrew
  8. Liat Har-Lev - Hebrew



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