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Ella is a contestant in Total drama. She looks a lot like Snow White.

She played Snow White in Ella White and the Seven Dogs

She is a princess

She played the Magic Harp in Wander and the Beanstalk

She is a Harp

She played Jessica in Codename: Total Drama Contestants Next Door

She is a First-Grade Girl, Who loves her Plush Rabbit called Hopsy-Mopsy, She was Blackmailed by Heinrich/Henrietta Von Marzipan.

She played Lady Tottington in Trent and The Tramp: The Curse Of The Were-Bugs Bunny

She is a Beautiful and Kind-Hearted Aristocrat, Who loves Animals.

She played Princess Cadance in My Little Total Drama Constant: Friendship Is Magic

She is an Alicorn Princess of Love, Who is Twilight Sparkle's Sister in Law and She is Shining Armor's Wife.

She played Rosie in Mike the total Drama Contestant and friends

she is a pink engine

She played Lillie Lightship in Total Drama Contestants

She is a Beautiful Magenta Lightship and She is Hercules' Love Interest.