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Elly is one of the main characters of the show and one of Pocoyo's friends.


Elly is a pink elephant. She is the one of best friends of Pocoyo, Pato, Nina and Roberto.


Elly is very feminine and loves to have picnics, play with baby dolls, or even dance. She loves to play sports as much as Pocoyo and Pato. Elly is like a big sister to Pocoyo, being forgiving and always takes care of him. She is also like a sister to Nina, as seen when she bakes cupcakes for their picnic in Time After Time Before Time. Being a girl, she spends more time with Nina.


Elly is a big pink elephant with black dot-style eyes. While female, she usually wears nothing more then a blue backpack. Sometimes she will dress up in ballerina outfits or put on accessories.