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Elsa Frankenteen is a character of the movie, Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. She appears in Riley's Adventures, making her debut in The Ghoul Carnival.

Voice Actors:

  1. Pat Musick - English
  2. Rica Fukami - Japanese
  3. Évelyne Grandjean - European French
  4. Ana Esther Alborg - European Spanish
  5. Olga Donna-Dío - Latin Spanish
  6. Lara Fabian - Canadian French
  7. Ilaria Latini - Italian
  8. Caroline Combrinck - German
  9.  ??? - Dutch
  10.  ??? - European Portuguese
  11.  ??? - Brazilian Portuguese
  12. Gizela Rasch - Swedish
  13.  ??? - Danish
  14.  ??? - Norwegian
  15.  ??? - Finnish
  16. Brygida Turowska - Polish
  17. Csondor Kata - Hungarian
  18. Carina Marin - Romanian


Elsa is a tall, female humanoid, with pale skin, and a black hair updo with white streaks. She has a bolt on both sides of her neck, a bit of a heavy brow, and many stitches on her body. Her outfit consists of a dark green dress over a light green t-shirt with chunky brown sandals.


Like all Frankensteins, her movements were a little slow, and she did tend to point out the obvious; however, she is bright (having a love for science), strong, and tenacious. She is also a bit of a tomboy (like Winnie Werewolf).



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