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Elsa She's wearing a vampire with tuxedo.

Elsa She's turning into a red fox.

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Elsa the Snow Queen is the deuteragonist in Walt Disney's Academy Award winning 53rd animated classic, Frozen, its theatrical short, and its upcoming holiday special and sequel. She is the older daughter of the former King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, the older sister of Princess Anna and Tarzan, the friend of Sven the reindeer, Kristoff, and Olaf the Snowman, one of Prince Hans' enemies, and the current queen of Arendelle. In the film, she is voiced by American singer Idina Menzel (who also played Elphaba the green skinned witch in the musical Wicked and ironically played Nancy Tremaine in the live-action Disney film Enchanted) as an adult, Spencer Lacey Ganus as a pre-teen and Eva Bella as a child. She returns as the main protagonist of 2019 sequel, Frozen 2


At a young age, Elsa realizes that she holds an ancient power over ice and snow which she keeps hidden from her family, even her sister, Anna. Elsa shares a close bond with her free-spirited younger sibling, however this is shattered when the two fall out. During Elsa's royal coronation, her abilities over ice are exposed to the citizens of the kingdom, causing Elsa to accidentally place a frozen curse on it, trapping it in an eternal winter. This leaves everyone utterly shocked because of a prophecy that someone will leave the kingdom in an eternal winter. Because of this disaster, Elsa goes into self-imposed exile, hiding away in an Ice Palace conjured up through her power. To protect herself and her new home, Elsa creates a fierce snowman warrior.

Meanwhile, to save her kingdom, Anna journeys off to find Elsa to restore their bond and break the curse.

Physical Appearance

Elsa is a strikingly beautiful young woman, as the Snow Queen she has platinum-blonde hair and blue eyes, very pale skin with a light dusting of freckles (a trait she shares with her sister, Anna) and a tall slender figure. In her pre-Snow Queen state, her hair is platinum blonde. She wore a cape and dress similar to her sister's, but the dress was colored dark-turquoise with gold lacing and a black top with sleeves. Her hair was kept back in a bun. She also wore gloves all the time to contain her powers.

In her Snow Queen state, Elsa wears her hair in a side braid woven with ice incrustations. She wears a cyan, off-the-shoulder dress with slightly transparent sleeves. And underneath the sleeves of her dress is a transparent cape of sheer material draped down and covered with big snowflakes.

Voice Actors:

  1. Albanian : Suela Xhonuzi (speaking) & Antonela Çekixhi (singing)
  2. Arabic : Nesma Mahgoub / نسمة محجوب (speaking & singing)
  3. Bosnian: Lindsey Rizžoureta (speaking & singing)
  4. Brazilian : Taryn Szpilman (speaking & singing)
  5. Bulgarian : Nadezhda Panayotova / Надежда Панайотова (speaking & singing)
  6. Cantonese : Kitty Wong / ? / 黃紫嫻 (speaking) & Jobelle Ubalde / Baak Jan Bo / 白珍寶 (singing)
  7. Castilian : Ana Esther Alborg (speaking) & Gisela (singing)
  8. Catalan : Mar Nicolás (speaking) & Gisela (singing)
  9. Croatian : Kristina Krepela (speaking) & Nataša Belošević (singing)
  10. Czech : Andrea Elsnerová (speaking) & Monika Absolonová (singing)
  11. Danish : Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg (speaking & singing)
  12. Dutch : Willemijn Verkaik (speaking & singing)
  13. English : Idina Menzel (speaking & singing)
  14. Estonian : Hanna-Liina Võsa (speaking & singing)
  15. Finnish : Katja Sirkiä (speaking & singing)
  16. Flemish : Elke Buyle (speaking & singing)
  17. French : Anaïs Delva (speaking & singing)
  18. German : Dina Kürten (speaking) & Willemijn Verkaik (singing)
  19. Greek : Sía Koskiná / Σία Κοσκινά (speaking & singing)
  20. Hebrew : Mona Mor / מונה מור (speaking & singing)
  21. Hungarian : Farkasházi Réka (speaking) & Nikolett Füredi (singing)
  22. Icelandic : Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir (speaking & singing)
  23. Indonesian (2015) : Lis Kurniasih (speaking) & Mikha Sherly Marpaung (singing)
  24. Italian : Serena Autieri (speaking & singing)
  25. Japanese : Matsu Takako / 松たか子 (speaking & singing)
  26. Korean : Ahn So-Yeon (speaking) & Hyena Park / 박혜나 (singing)
  27. Latin Spanish : Carmen Sarahí (speaking & singing)
  28. Latvian : Jolanta Strikaite (speaking & singing)
  29. Lithuanian : Girmantė Vaitkutė (speaking & singing)
  30. Macedonian: Tomskina Bistricev / Томскинa бистрицев (speaking & singing)
  31. Malay : Marsha Milan Londoh (speaking & singing)
  32. Mandarin : Liú Xiǎo-Yún / 刘小芸 (speaking) & Shennio Lin / Lín Xīn-Yí / 林芯儀 (singing)
  33. Norwegian : Lisa Stokke (speaking & singing)
  34. Persian (2014) : Soodeh Fekri / سوده فکری (speaking & singing)
  35. Polish : Lidia Sadowa (speaking) & Katarzyna Łaska (singing)
  36. Portuguese : Maria Camões (speaking) & Ana Encarnação (singing)
  37. Putonghua : Zhōu Shuài / 周帅 (speaking) & Hú Wéi-Nà / 胡维纳 (singing)
  38. Quebec French : Aurélie Morgane (speaking) & Anaïs Delva (singing - French version)
  39. Romanian : Adina Lucaciu (speaking) & Dalma Kovács (singing)
  40. Russian : Anna Buturlina / Анна Бутурлина (speaking & singing)
  41. Serbian : Jelena Gavrilović (speaking & singing)
  42. Serbo-Croatian & Montenegrin : Tomira Zapiron Srca / Томира Запирон Срца (speaking & singing)
  43. Slovak : Andrea Somorovská-Kiráľová (speaking & singing)
  44. Slovene : Alenka Kozolc Gregurić (speaking) & Nuška Drašček (singing)
  45. Swedish : Annika Herlitz (speaking & singing)
  46. Thai : Gam the Star / Wichayanee Pearklin (speaking & singing)
  47. Turkish : Begüm Günceler (speaking and singing)
  48. Ukrainian : Alina Porcenko / Аліна Проценко (speaking) & Oľha Šanis / Шаніс (singing)
  49. Vietnamese : Võ Khánh Ái (speaking) & Dương Hoàng Yến (singing)


She plays Betty Brant in Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

She plays Anastasia in Elsastasia 

She plays One Of The Dancers To Summon Megalon in Princess Zelda VS Mammothmon (Godzilla VS Megalon)

She plays Mia in Alice the First

She is a blue bird.

She Plays Missy Elliott In Animated Tale

She Is A Fish Music

She plays Fawn in Rapunzel Bell, Rapunzel Bell and the Lost Treasure, Rapunzel Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings (Jiminy Cricket Style), The Pirate Fairy (Jiminy Cricket Style) and Rapunzel Bell and the Legend of the Duck

She is an animal fairy.

She plays Juliet in Jack & Elsa: Frozen with a Kiss

She plays The Client from Hampstead in The Great Nerd Detective

She plays Marina Robotnik in Ariel The Mermaid (Sonic the Hedgehog)

She's One Friend to Shadow, Until The G.U.N. Leave Shadow.

She once played the Beast/Prince Adam in Beauty and the Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Beauty and the Beast)

She was the Beast when she was wearing her Snow Queen outfit, and was Prince Adam when she was wearing her coronation outfit

She plays The Enchantress in Beauty and the Sabertooth (Brermeerkat Style), Beauty and the Sabertooth on Broadway (Brermeerkat Style), and Beauty and the Tiger

She plays Belle in Beauty and the Pitch, Beauty and the Mermaid and its Broadway version, and Beauty and the Frog and its sequels

She is a studious princess

She plays in Olaf and the Magic Snow Drift

She is Lady the Magical Engine

She plays Jessie in the Princess Story series

She is a cowgirl

She plays Mrs. Leary in Timmy in New York

She is Andrew's adoptive mother

She Played as Georgette in Pinocchio & Company

She Plays Baby Bop in Mushu and the Backyard Gang, Mushu & Friends, and Mushu Live! in New York City

She plays BJ in Rapunzel and Friends, Kermit and Friends, Kristoff and Friends, and Anna & Friends (a.k.a. Barney & Friends) series

She plays Luci in Tigger and Friends and Goofy and Friends (a.k.a. Barney and Friends)

She plays Joy in Inside Out (BugsandDaffyRockz Style)

She plays Alvin in Elsa and the Heroines

She plays Princess Jasmine in Jackladdin

She played Princess Amber in Anna the First

She is a Sofia's stepsister.

She plays Princess Sally Acorn in Jack Frost the Gaurdian (SatAM)

She plays Dodger in Ariel and Company

She plays Lucas Nickle in The Snow Queen Bully

She plays Erik/The Phantom of the Opera in The Snow Queen of the Opera

She plays Bagheera in The Princess Book

She plays Dale in Anna 'n Elsa Rescue Rangers

Despite her intelligence, she and Dale can be nervous and insecure.

She plays Ralph in Wreck-It Elsa

She is a video game villain

She plays Adele Dazeem in Family Critic

She is a parody of Idina Menzel

She played Henry the Green Engine in Snow White the Blue Princess and Friends

She is a green engine

She plays Viper (sharing the role with Anna) in Kung Fu Demigod

She is a snake

She plays Aldo the Alligator in Sitting Animals

She played Rose in Titanic (150 Movies Style)

She played Lance in Sing

She is a porcupine

She plays Sally Carrera in Toons (Cars) (Justin Bonesteel Style)

She is a car

She plays Mater in Girls (Cars) series

She is a tow truck

She plays Sulley in Monsters Inc (GenderBent Style)

She is a monster

She plays Ernie in the Sesame Street (Disney character, Female and TV/Animated) parodies such asThe Adventures of Giggles in Grouchland and Anna and Elsa's Great Adventures

Both characters currently appear more common than their partners and they both start with "E". Her younger sister Anna plays Bert.

She played Sadness in Inside Out (The Misfits Style) and Inside Out (The Rembrandts Style)

She is a blue emotion

She played Jane Porter in Jackzan Frost and Kopakazan

She played LGMs in Super All-Star Story And Super All-Star Story 2

She plays Patrick Star in Princess Anna Royal-Dress

Though Patrick is dim-witted, he and Elsa are a bit more observant and sensible than Anna and SpongeBob.

She plays Donkey in the Anna (Shrek) film series

They're the sidekicks to and best friends of the main characters, Anna and Shrek.

She plays Shrek in Elsa (Shrek), Elsa 2 (Shrek 2), Elsa the Third (Shrek the Third), Elsa Forever After (Shrek Forever After), and Elsa the Musical (Shrek the Musical)

She is an ogre

and She plays Crystal in Little Shop of Horrors (EJL423 Style)

She is one of the three girls

She plays Human Tiana in The Princess and the Dancing Cat

She is a Waitress

She plays Princess Yum-Yum in Arabian Knight (Uranimated18 Version)

She is an Arabian Princess

She plays Rapunzel in Tangled (Uranimated18 Version)

She is a Princess

She plays Barbie in Cartoon Character Story 3

She is a doll

She plays Juanita Jordan in Space Jam (Uranimated18 Version)

She is Michael Jordan's wife

She plays Holley Shiftwell in Cars 2 (Ryanruebsamen Version)

She plays Sarafina in The Master King

Elsa is first seen sleeping with the other lionesses inside Pride Rock with Tweed in her paws as Geppetto arrives to wake up Tarzan.

She is then seen later that day bathing Tweed while visiting Jane. When Tweed asks for permission to accompany Geppetto to the watering hole, she asks Jane for her opinion. When Jane gives her permission, Elsa agrees and allows the two cubs to go.

She later appears along with Jane, Tweed, Mac, and the rest of the pride mourning as Chernabog tells them that both Tarzan and Geppetto had perished in a stampede.Elsa and the pride watch in terror as Chernabog allow hyenas into the Pride Lands after becoming King. After that, she makes no further appearances. Therefore, her further fate is unknown. Though it is possible that she helped Geppetto, Jane and Tweed fight Chernabog and the Hyenas as well as attend the presenting of Geppetto and Tweed's cub.

Criminal Case

Elsa is a suspect on the cases are #32 Murder On Campus, #34 Dead Man Running, #36 The Devil's Playground and #38 Spring Break Massacre, later she becomes the victim on a case #41 The Rorshach Reaper on Criminal Case.



  • Elsa has two love interests - Jack Frost (for the most part since fans made them a couple) and Mushu.


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