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Ember Flicker Flame is Lalaloopsy Land's very own firefighter on the job! She's super brave, and she's always there to save the day. She also has a fiery temper, and her favorite food is BBQ...but only if it's spicy! Ember is the older sister of little Red Fiery Flame. Her name comes from a small burning coal and flames that flicker on candles.

About Ember=


Ember is a fair skinned girl with pink cheeks and orange-red hair with straight cut bangs, two very small cowlicks at the top of her head, and short pigtail-like buns held with a yellow bow on each side.

She wears a striped white shirt with frilled sleeves and a collar with small buttons underneath along with a red frilled skirt with yellow lining and black buttoned yellow suspenders. She also wears pink and white legwarmers and firefighter boots.


Ember Flicker Flame has a pet Dalmatian. It has a red collar and bright pink cheeks and a heart shaped mark on its back. One eye is larger than the other.


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  • May 4th is International Firefighters Day.
  • Dalmatians are associated with firefighters, making a Dalmatian the perfect pet for Ember.
  • She is the only Lalaloopsy with her name to start with E.


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