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Emi Shinohara (篠原 恵美 Shinohara Emi, born Emiko Shinohara (篠原 恵美子 Shinohara Emiko), born August 8, 1963) is a Japanese voice actress employed by 81 Produce. She was born in Fukushima Prefecture and raised in Nagano. She is married to tokusatsu actor Hiroshi Watari. She shares the same exact birthday as fellow Sailor Moon star, Rica Fukami, who played Sailor Venus.


  • Rita - Animaniacs
  • Ayaka Hatori - D.N. Angel
  • Aya - Pokemon
  • Lita/Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon
  • Mother Frankenstein - The Monster Clubhouse


  • Both Emi Shinohara and Rica Fukami, who played Sailor Venus share the same exact birthday.