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is a character who appeared on Barney & Friends in Seasons 5 and 6.

She was played by actress Hannah Owens  Emily appeared with Ashley and Alissa in Season 5.

About Emily

  • Emily is one of the youngest kids out of all the children. She has a brother and a sister. Emily's siblings were mentioned in the episode You Are Special.
  • Emily was a wonderful writer - she wrote a nice poem for school one time.
  • She also loved to sing, like almost all of the kids do.
  • She is best friends with Hannah - they live near each other.
  • She likes to collect teddy bears.
  • She likes to roller skate.
  • Her favorite color is green
  • She has medium-length blonde hair
  • She has jagged teeth


  1. Safety First! (first appearance)
  2. Try It, You'll Like It!
  3. Seven Days a Week
  4. Sweet as Honey
  5. It's a Rainy Day!
  6. Grandparents are Grand
  7. You've Got to Have Art
  8. Count Me In!
  9. Birthday Ole
  10. Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm
  11. Good Job!
  12. It's Home to Me
  13. Ready, Set, Go!
  14. You Are Special
  15. Barney's Super Singing Circus
  16. You Can Be Anything
  17. Barney's Beach Party
  18. Round and Round We Go (final appearance)



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