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Emily Elizabeth played Toaster in The Brave Little Emily Elizabeth, The Brave Little Emily Elizabeth Goes To Mars and The Brave Little Emily Elizabeth To The Rescue

She is a Toaster

Emily Elizabeth played Baby Bop in Bear & The Backyard Gang, Bear & Friends, and Bear's Great Adventure

She is a Green Dinosaur

Emily Elizabeth played Backpack in Sister Bear the Explorer, Go, Little Bear, Go!, Sister Bear & Friends: Into the City!, and Sister Bear and the Lost City of Gold

She is a Purple Talking Backpack

Emily Elizabeth played Mrs. Puff in SpongeLittle SquareBear, The SpongeLittle SquareBear Movie, and The SpongeLittle Bear Movie: Bear Out of Water

She is a Boating School Teacher

Emily Elizabeth played Blue in Emily Elizabeth's Clues

She is a Blue Dog


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