Emily is a beautiful girl, the main female, and the mysterious Emerald stiring single tender engine in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.


She plays Tillie in The Emily Engine That Could

She is a little emerald engine that could.

She plays Gaffer in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

She plays GoGo Tomago in Big Engine 6

She is a mechanical engineering student

She plays Ly the Fairy in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style), Thomas (Rayman) (Toonmbia's Style), Thomas (Rayman) (TheLastDisneyToon and Toonmbia's Style), Thomas (Rayman) (TheLastDisneyToon and Toonmbia's Style) (Version 2) Thomas (Rayman) (TheLastDisneyToon's Style)

She is a fairy.

She plays Jewel in Rio (Paul Young and Paul Young 65's Style) and More!

She is a parrot

She plays Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movie series

She is a Ravenclaw student

She Played Ariel in The Little Emerald Engine

She is a Mermaid


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