Emma is the second girl whom Chuckie makes friends with and they play at being in love. Emma's a little girl with brown hair and pigtails, she wears a purple polo shirt, pink overalls and has an older brother whom the other babies refer to as "Big Binky". While Emma is sweet, she's also lonely. She has very few friends because her older brother is overly protective of her and believes any new friends she has will get her hurt by accident. She is just as scared of ants as Chuckie, which sparks their attraction. However, once again, Binky finds out and scares Chuckie away. Although Chuckie's gravely afraid of Binky, he still wants to play with Emma. Tired of her brother's over-protectiveness, she and Chuckie try to give him the slip and go to play. At one point they hide in a tree stump, but both discover ants (which they're both afraid of) crawling on them. Chuckie then decides to get her out to save her. Binky's impressed by his bravery and how he protected Emma enough that he allows them to play together. While Emma is overjoyed, Chuckie is happy but a bit nervous as Binky decides to supervise them.


Name: Emma (last name unknown) Age: 2 Voiced By: Philece Sampler Siblings: Big Binky (older brother)


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