Sesame Street
Plot A ridiculous day with Megurine Luka and OLIVER
Picture Segment Description
Koron twinkle star hatsune miku download by xdreamshardsx-dabzoiz
COLD OPEN Miku goes on a concert hall to announce the sponsors. which is a set, with assistance from Mitchie M.
SCENE 1 Megurine Luka rollerskates down the street, when she finds Kasane Teto playing a video game "Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix" Luka likes the song that Teto's trying to pass ; "Always Smiling" Teto sings along with the voice singing the song; leaving Luka looking like she is bench-watching Teto.
Drawing (5)-0
SCENE 1cont'd Luka then runs into SF-A2 Miki who says that she loves the game Teto is playing much to Luka's surprise.
Miki miki romantic night by randomdraggon-d59aote-0
Song Rin, Len, Haruka Nana, Kasane Teto, and SF-A2 Miki sing and dance to her song "Miki Miki Romantic Night"


Cartoon CGI sheep graze out I and i.

(First: Episode 2896)

090227 01
Screenshot 40
Screenshot 42
【かぐぁみねリン】 つっこみ坂 【はちゅねミクの日常 ろいぱら!】 2-33 screenshot
SD Vocaloids Megyurine Luka can't wait for the Peach Blossom/Doll Festival, and it is her first Japanese event. But because she doesn't know much about Japan, Hachune Miku takes this to her advantage and tells her that she can be a peach doll. Leading Kaguamine Rin to call her naïve.
Film Kids watch as construction workers paint a number 5 on the street using a stencil.

(EKA: Episode 0680)

-60fps Full風- FREELY TOMORROW - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク Project DIVA English lyrics Romaji subtitles-screenshot
SCENE 2 Hatsune Miku sings a nightcore version of "FREELY TOMORROW" (3 semitones higher) with two back-up singers. After the song, Mitchie M comes out and compliments her performance; Making Miku hug him.


A cheat code for happiness by project19amber-d6pd38l
Song Utata-P ft. Yuzuki Yukari - "There's Supposed to be a Cheat Code for Happiness.
Collab lukaito by gorenute-d5cga7b
SCENE 3 The Vocaloid OLIVER leans into frame (sans his hat) and announces "something exactly the same, yet completely different." Two Lillians then appear and the first Lillian describes what's the same about them. On the other hand, the second Lillian has a different voice (supplied by Jim Martin). Meanwhile KAITO feeds Luka some ice cream. Monty appears again and introduces something short and tall...
Film A boy compares the growth of the sunflowers to his own height. (Raposo instrumental)

(EKA: Episode 0850)

Song Lily - WAVE
Cartoon Fleas have fun in fur!

Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 2398)

-MMD Commission- Miku Plays Video Games (Motion DL+)-screenshot
Vocaloids Kaai Yuki plays "Mario Kart Wii" on the late WI-FI connection, when Miku pops up out of nowhere, offering to help her to make WI-FI racing seem less stressful by playing against her as well, because they're playing against real live gamers without even knowing it!

(EKA: Episode 2862)

Film Feet wearing all different types of shoes dance.

(EKA: Episode 2616)

SCENE 4 OLIVER reports for a "Ridiculous Network News" newsbreak (accompanied by a crashing sound effect). Before he can report, he wonders what "ridiculous" means. Megurine Luka gives out her own demonstrations of ridiculous actions. They gets a news story that a man was just doing the same silly things. They then announce a song break...
Song CUL - Omocha bako
SCENE 4cont'd Monty, now with a bird on his cap, reports that colds have broken out all over Sesame Street. The street is then shown to be covered with signs reading "COLD." Some residents have "chest colds", "head colds", and Monty even catches a "COLD." When asked about the cause of the epidemic, Lillian states it's because "COLD" is the word of the day. Monty signs off while collapsing under the "COLD"'s weight, then introduces something to sink your teeth into...
Muppets "It is I, Captain Vegetable!"

(EKA: Episode 2538)

Cartoon What kind of print does a hand make?

(EKA: Episode 1097)

Song Yuzuki Yukari and IA sing a duet of "Goodbye Chainsaw"
Cartoon A lost number 5 looks for his brother.

(EKA: Episode 1094)

Song IA sings Roku-chou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari
Megurine luka by mammaluna-d85t6hc
SCENE 5 Megurine Luka is having a fan meeting, when OLIVER shows up with his bird-hat. She says the bird on top is well trained, as it never flies away and acts very polite. Megurine Luka tells him that the bird's not alive. Bird-hats don't have live birds. OLIVER is shocked and leaves to get a new hat with a live bird on it, despite the impossible chances
Cartoon Frances Fairy displays several F words.

(First: Episode 0335)

Song GUMI - Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night
Film Katie is going to be a big sister.

(First: Episode 2769)

Dt frost mercury teto by piettramarinetta-d9uveeu
Song Kasane Teto sings 運命へ至る為のプロトコル.
運命へ至る為のプロトコルTinySymphony feat

運命へ至る為のプロトコルTinySymphony feat. 重音テト

Song Nekomura Iroha - Tobira no Mukou
Cartoon Shooting stars form the letter I/i.

(EKA: Episode 2291)

Megurine luka turned around animation by ykkb-d7bft3e
SCENE 6 Megurine Luka and the kids announce the sponsors. OLIVER comes back with a new hat with a "live" squirrel on it. Luka points out that's not alive either, but Monty says he is and has him mention the Children's Television Workshop (using a false voice). He then leaves to gather nuts for the winter.


This episode was inspired by the episode of the same number from Sesame Street, where OLIVER's ridiculous day compares with Monty.

Sesame Street - Five Jive

Sesame Street - Five Jive


(Elmo tries climbing up a snowy mountain at a cold place,)

Elmo: (Grunts and slides down a little) Whoa!.. (whispering) one more time...

(Elmo scales up again until he reaches the top)

Elmo: Ah! (shivers) Oh! Hello! Sesame Street is brought to you buy the letter F, ( an "F" shows up) the letter "I" (An "I" appears) and number 5! (A 5 appears) and by the word: C-C-C- "COLD"! (shivers) Which is-- what Elmo is feeling right now! (shivers) Cold! Very Cold!

[Elmo turns which the whole icy mountain was a set up by Gordon]

Elmo: Oh, Oh, How was-- How was that Gordon?! Did Elmo do a good job pretending to be on a top of a mountain?!

Gordon: Yes Elmo. (Elmo giggles) Very good job! And how did I do with the make believe snow?

Elmo: Oh, very good Gordon! Do more! Do more!

Gordon: Yeah, Okay, Okay!

Elmo: Brrr!! (continues to shiver as Gordon sprinkles more fake snow)

[Scene cuts to Megurine Luka skating around the street with two kids on bicycles. He then see telly with a huge Triangle. Telly sighs]

Megurine Luka: Hi Teto.

Teto: Oh, Hi Luka.

Megurine Luka: What're you doing?

Teto: I'm playing my new game called "DDR Mario Mix!" I'm just trying to beat this level here... (continues dancing)

[Luka runs into SF-A2]

Luka: Miki?

Miki: Hi Luka, have you played DDR Mario Mix before? 

[Scene cuts to OLIVER with a bird on a hat. He goes to show it to Luka]

Luka: Oh, Hi Oliver. Say hello to Oliver please?

Fans: Hi!


Luka: Say, that is an interesting hat Oliver,

Oliver: I just bought a hat with an amazing bird on it! See how it  just sits there and doesn’t fly off!,

Luka: Fly off??

Oliver: No matter what I do, it just sits there, very well trained I’ll say,

Luka: Oliver, that bird is not alive.

Oliver: not  Alive??

Luka: No,

Oliver: Yes it is.

Luka: No, it isn’t

Oliver: Yes it is.

Luka: Not it isn’t!.. Um, Oliver, (takes off Oliver’s new hat) look at it.

Oliver: It’s resting.

[Luka turns the hat upside down]

Oliver: It’s can rest upside down! Jolly good!

Luka: Oliver, this bird is not alive!...

Oliver: Shhh! You’’ hurt its feelings.

Luka: No, it has no feelings! It’s made out of cloth, it’s stuffed, it’s just a fake bird! It’s not alive! When something is alive, it breathes, it eats and it grows like the Luka fans, and...oh... I’m just a vocaloid...I’m alive, but a synthesizer…

Oliver: Breathes, eats and grows? Really? That’s how you know when something is alive eh?

Luka: That’s what most of us know.

Oliver: This bird hasn’t taken a breath, eaten a crumb of a single smidgen, since the day I bought this hat 5 years ago! This means, that all this time, I’ve been wearing a hat with a bird that’s not alive?!

Luka: Uh-huh…

Oliver: Well, thank you for calling this to my attention.

Luka: Your welcome.

[Oliver starts to leave]

Luka: Wait

Oliver: mhm?

Luka: you’ve forgot your hat!

Oliver: You may have it. I’m going to get one with a LIVE bird on it!

[Luka looks puzzled]

Luka: Um… isn’t that...impossible?? Isn’t it??

Megurine Luka: Ridiculous.

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