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Eric Cartman is a fat character and the main antagonist of South Park. He wears a turquoise hat with a yellow pompom, a red jacket, brown pants, yellow mittens, and black shoes.

Voice Actors

  • Trey Parker - English
  • José Antonio Macías - Latin American Spanish

Eric Cartman's Train:

Eric Cartman's Branch Line:

Eric Cartman's Team:

He plays Winnie the Pooh in The Many Adventures of Eric Cartman

He is A Bear

He plays Sonic the Hedgehog in Eric Cartman (SATAM)

He is a Hedgehog

He plays Peter Pan in Eric Cartman Pan, and Eric Cartman Pan in Return to Never Land

He is a Fairy Boy

He plays Thomas the Tank Engine in Eric Cartman And Friends, Eric Cartman And The Magic School, And Eric Cartman And Friends (2021 Reboot)

He is A Train

He plays Lightning McQueen in Cars (Crossover Style)

He is a Car and both Wearing Red

He played Grapefruit in Annoying Young Link

He is a Fruit


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