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Eric Cartman is a fat character and the main antagonist of South Park. He wears a turquoise hat with a yellow pompom, a red jacket, brown pants, yellow mittens, and black shoes.

Voice Actors

  • Trey Parker - English
  • José Antonio Macías - Latin American Spanish

Eric Cartman's Train:

Eric Cartman's Branch Line:

Eric Cartman's Team:

He plays Winnie the Pooh in The Many Adventures of Eric Cartman

He is A Bear

Eric Cartman plays Sonic the Hedgehog in Eric Cartman (SATAM)

He is a Hedgehog

Eric Cartman plays Peter Pan in Eric Cartman Pan, and Eric Cartman Pan in Return to Never Land

He is a Fairy Boy

Eric Cartman plays Thomas in Eric Cartman And Friends, Eric Cartman And The Magic School, Eric Cartman And Friends: All Engines Go! and England Fallout

He is A Tank Engine And Main Both Heroes

Eric Cartman plays Woody in Toy Story (Crossover Style), Toy Story 2 (Crossover Style), Toy Story 3 (Crossover Style), And Toy Story 4 (Crossover Style)

He is A Doll And Both Main Heroes

Eric Cartman plays Lightning McQueen in Cars (Crossover Style), Cars 2 (Crossover Style), And Cars 3 (Crossover Style)

He is a Car and both Wearing Red And Both Main Heroes

Eric Cartman plays Shrek In Eric Cartman (Shrek), Eric Cartman 2 (Shrek 2), Eric Cartman The Third (Shrek The Third), And Eric Cartman Forever After (Shrek Forever After)

He Is an Ogre and Both Fat And Both Main Heroes

He played Grapefruit in Annoying Young Link

He is a Fruit