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Eris is an anti-villain in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.


She played Lord Shen in Kung Fu Foxworth 2

She played Mother Gothel in Tangled (Pokemon Style)

She played Sykes in Ariel and Company

She played Lady Tremaine in Anne Marie (Cinderella)

She played Fat Ugly Lady in Ashladdin (a.k.a. Aladdin)

She played Shenzi in The Sailor King & The Sailor King (2019)

She is a hyena

She Played Pitch Black In Rise Of The Guardians (TheCartoonMan Style)

She Is A Boggieman

She played Professor Ratigan in The Great Foxworth Detective

She played Drake in The Pebble and the Foxworth

She played Lord Farquaad in Jenny Foxworth (Shrek)

She played Judge Claude Frollo in The Foxworth of Notre Dame

She played Captain Hook in Jenny Pan and Jenny Pan 2: The Return to the Neverland

She played Jafar in Jennyladdin Foxworth and Jennyladdin Foxworth 2: The Return of Eris

She played Scar in The Foxworth Queen (a.k.a. The Lion King)

She played Thrax in Jenny Jones

She played Yzma in The Pokemon Trainer's New Groove

She played Ursula in The Little Anne Marie

She played Maleficent in Sleeping Iris

She played Vlad Vladikoff in Jenny Foxworth Hears a Princess!

She played Shere Khan in The Foxworth Book, The Foxworth Book: Jenny's Story and The Foxworth Book 2

She played Tzekel-Kan in The Road to Town

She played Judge Doom in Who Framed Kiki the Witch

She is a Judge

She Played Samantha in Meet the Feebles (Request from Jean-claude Junior)

She is a cat

She played Odelia in Sleeping Beauty (Jetlag's Version)

the evil fairy

She will play Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (JesseGoodwin2635 Disney/Non Disney Style)

Video Games

She played Moon in Five Nights at Balto's Series