Ernie Mongoose
Ernie the Mongoose
is a guest who hails from Africa and Asia, and appears in the twenty-fifth season 3 episode of The Animal Show. He speaks in a deep cultural sounding voice. He tells Stinky and Jake about mongooses and how they eat snakes. After the interview, he cannot accept the fact that he has to leave after the interview, so he decided to host the rest of the show. He decides to have them wear pith helmets like other nature show hosts do. He even makes Yves St. La Roach not have a French accent. Ernie then puts Stinky and Jake to a corner and interviews the next guest, Kyle the Secretary Bird, but somehow ended up arguing which is a better snake eater. Jake eventually broke them up by having Kyle sing a song whereas he and Ernie have a talk afterwards. He eventually decides to have everyone use honking airhorns in case something funny happens which Armstrong the Chicken Hawk did much to the annoyance of Bunnie during Habitat Time. Around the end of the show, Stinky and Jake stand up against Ernie, in which he claims that his wife and children are visiting their relatives, and that he has nowhere else to go. Stinky and Jake decide that he should stay with them for a while until his family returns.

Ernie played Swiper in Malikia The Explorer

He's a fox

Voice Actor

  • John Eccleston


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