Esme' is a minor character and one of the orphans of San Lorenzo. She is voiced by Ariebella Makana.


She is an adorable girl with brown eyes and brown hair tied in two pigtails by two blue hair ties. She wears brown shoes, a dress with white upper half and blue bottom lower half with another layer of skirt that is slightly darker blue with purple lingering at end. She is often shown carrying her teddy bear.


She is a cheerful little girl who is fond of Puss in Boots, kissing his cheek upon first meeting him. She is friendly and imaginative but can be surprisingly devious as shown in episode 20 when she tricked the guard into opening the door to let her out. While well behaved and polite, she can also be sassy, as she questioned whether Dulcinea with her new temporary powers could even lift Toby and pushed her to do so. She is also surprisingly observant of other people and tends to tell others of what they do, such as in episode 23 where she saw Senora Zapata kissing a thief and told everyone. She has a bit of a big mouth


  • She is often seen picking her nose.
  • She is a member of the Junior Puss Squad.



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