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Hi! I'm Estuardo!

Some people call me Essy because my name can be hard to say. Even though I'm sometimes shy, other ZOOMers would say I'm funny, caring and a lot of fun. I live with my grandmother, cousin, mom, dad and brother. We're always going places together. I think that's pretty unique. One of my favorite family traditions is when we eat tamales at Christmas, we add a pinch of lemon for every tamale we've eaten. It took me a while to figure out if Estuardo had braces or just really bad teeth. I'm going to chalk it up to his teeth. It looks like the kid has been delving into the chewing tobacco for at least 5 years. And considering that he is about 5, that's an awful long time to be chewing. Please, please, please Estuardo, run to the nearest mini-mart and pick up a gallon jug of bleach and swish with it. Some may tell you it's unhealthy, but I say it will do wonders for those teeth of yours. You'll thank me later, I promise. On the ZOOMset, I'm known for being a great dancer. I love to dance and take lessons and perform Mexican Folk Dances as part of the volunteer work I do. What do you do to ZOOM Into Action? I love doing ZOOMplayhouse, and my favorite ZOOMsci activity is Coloring Flowers. Check it out and see if you can turn a flower blue or even orange! To all the ZOOMers out there: THANKS for watching! We're having a blast making the show. Remember if you take a risk to achieve your goals, you'll have more confidence in yourself for the next time.