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Eve is a major character in Alpha & Omega. She is the wife of Winston, the mother of Kate and Lilly, the maternal grandmother of Stinky, Claudette & Runt and the mother-in-law of Humphrey & Garth.

As Sarabi in The Wolf-Dog King and The Omega King

She is a lioness

As Queen Athena in The Little Mer-Wolf 3: Kate's Beginning, The Little Alpha 3: Kate's Beggining and The Little Wolf (Trilogy)

She is a seaqueen

As Valka in How to Train Your Forest Animal 2

She is a viking Squawtain

As Winifred In The Mobius Book

She is an elephant

As Nana in Anario Pan

She is a nurse dog



  • Husband-Winston
  • Daughters - Kate and Lilly
  • Sons in Law - Humphrey and Garth
  • Grandsons - Stinky and Runt
  • Granddaughter - Claudette
  • Granddaughters in Law - Star and Dori
  • Grandson in Law - Jared
  • Brother in Law - Tony
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