Evil Thomas!

Evil Thomas the Tank Engine

Evil Thomas is an evil clone version of Thomas the Tank Engine.

He plays Dark Rayman in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

He is an evil clone version of Thomas.


Home: Island of Sodor

Train Built: Steamie

Personality: Cheeky, goofy, funny, kind, friendly, clever, determined, honest, brave, smart, cute, wise, stubborn (sometimes), naughty (sometimes)

Appearance: Blue tank engine with 6 wheels, black smokebox, red chassis, black buffers, grey face, yellow portholes, red lines around his sides, coal bunker and across his boiler, number 1 on both sides of his tanks, white headlamp and tail lamp.

Occupation: The Fat Controller's number 1 engine, Percy's best friend, shunter, and branch line engine.

Goal: To be a really useful engine

Numbers: 1

Gender: Male

Alignment: Bad

Powers and abilities: Fire, steam, strength and speed.


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