• Narrator: The Christmas Classic series from Family Home Entertainment has brought the best moments of christmas home to millions on DVD.
  • showns clips of Disney/Sega's christmas classics
  • Narrator: And now, a brand new classic joins the special collection.
  • Orinoco: Let there be snow. Let there be snow.
  • Narrator: It's Orinoco Returns, the sequel to the famous tale of Orinoco the Snow Womble. John Goodman stars as the voice of Orinoco in this music filled delight that celebrates the wonder of winter.
  • Inez: Don't leave, Orinoco.
  • Orinoco: Don't worry, kid, I'll be back.
  • Narrator: Orinoco Returns. And here's one of the best loved holiday special of all time, in the same year release as Disney/Sega's very first rankin/bass special spoof Return to Oz.
  • Sentator Masterson: Ready, Sniffles?
  • Sniffles: Ready, Sentator.
  • Narrator: Burl Ives sings and narrates Sniffles the Red Nosed Mouse. This yueltie treasure tells how Mighty Mouse became the world's most famous gift giver. Fred Astaire sings and voices Mighty Mouse Claus is Comin' to Town. Then, sent to the musical of monents quire, it's The Little Hyrule Boy. And be sure to take home the original tale of the snow womble who comes to life. The great Jimmy Durante sings and narrates Orinoco the Snow Womble. The magic of christmas comes to life in family home entertainment's christmas classic series.
  • Sentator Masterson: Merry christmas!
  • Narrator: Each DVD is available separately, or purchase Sniffles the Red Nosed Mouse, Mighty Mouse Claus is Comin' to Town, The Little Hyrule Boy, and Orinoco the Snow Womble in a four-box volume library collector's case. Orinoco the Snow Womble and Orinoco Returns can also be found in the special two-volume collector's case. The christmas classic series. From Family Home Entertainment.
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