Fang Primal
Fang is the deuteragonist of Primal. An endangered Tyrannosaurus, she tragically lost her young around the same time she crosses paths with a prehistoric human. Together, they strike an unlikely friendship and struggle to adapt to the harsh and unbearable world.


Fang is an adult teal-colored Tyrannosaurus. She has small pale eyes and a large jaw of teeth; she has a larger tooth on the right side of her jawline that prominently juts when her mouth is closed, hence her name. Fang has dark stripes patterned across her, with two stripes wrapped around her head—one underneath her jaw and the other running down her eyes—that precede a large stripe on her neck, a single thick stripe on each of her thighs and shoulders, and a series of stripes running around her tail. She has large legs with three white claws on each and a pair of claw-tipped arms of the same color.


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