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Farley Fox is the main villain from Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure

Farley played Billy Sykes in Mowgli and Company

He is a loan shark

Farley played Scar in The Farm King

He is an evil lion

Farley Played Governor Ratcliffe In Rebecahontas

He is a English Governor

Farley Played Red Dog In All Fox Go To Heaven

He is Red's Dog Form

Farley Played Hades In Todcules

He is Lord of The Underworld

Farley Played Adult Ramses in The Huskey Prince of Eygpt

he is a Pharaoh

Farley Played Mal in Total Drama (ilovecakeaj style)

He is Mike's evil personality

Farley Played Beast's Dark Shadows in Beauty and the Fox (MooglePower Style)

He is a bad tempered beast

Farley Played Darth Vader in Star Wars (Animation Movie Films and TV Shows Style)

He is a Sith Lord

Farley Played Shan Yu in Vixlan

He is a Hunt

Farley Played Jafar in Greyladdin Jr. & Greyladdin Jr. 2: The Return of Farley

He is a Sorcerer



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