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Voice Actors:

  1. Jim Cummings - English
  2. Yu Shimaka - Japanese
  3. Masayuki Kato - Japanese

Fat Cat plays as Jafar In Tom Sawyerladdin

He is a Evil Sorcerer

Fat Cat plays as Fat Bastard in Orinoco Powers: International Womble of Mystery, Orinoco Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Orinoco Powers: Goldmember

Fat Cat plays as Bowser in Wreck-It Muzzy

He is Koopa

Fat Cat plays as Palpatine/Darth Sidious In Star Wars (The BluesRockz Style)

He is Sith Lord

Fat Cat Played Mojo In The Powerpuff Girls (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

He was Professor Utonium's Monkey

Fat Cat Played Red In All Rodents Go to Heaven 2

He is Horned Demon Cat

Fat Cat plays Sa'luk in Orinoladdin 3: The King of Thieves

Fat Cat plays Pete in Homeward Bound 2 Lost in the City (NimbusKidsMovies Version)

Fat Cat plays Male Koozebanian Creature in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

Fat Cat plays James in Pokemon (Chris1701 Style)

Fat Cat plays Mr.Snoops In The Rescuers (Chris1701 Style)

He is Madame Medusa's Partner

Fat Cat plays Evil In When Chaos Comes Calling (Hairballaddin (TV Series))

Fat Cat plays Shan Yu in Beckylan

He is Evil Japanese Hun Warrior

Fat Cat plays Dr. Eggman in Chip X

Fat Cat Plays Sullivan in the secret of nimh (Crhis1701 style)

Fat Cat played Dr. Z in Dinosaur King (Chris1701 Style)

Fat Cat Played Dr. In Becky Possible

Fat Cat Played One of the Alpha Gang In Dinosaur King (1701Movies Style)

Fat Cat played Giovanni in Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

Fat Cat Played Grun In Amberlina

Fat Cat Played Pete In Tiger Troop Scooby Winnie and tom

Fat Cat plays Gaston in Beauty and the Gorilla (Chris1701 Style)

He is a Jerk

Fat Cat plays Evil Emperor In Tom Sawyer of Star Command

He is a sith lord

Fat Cat plays Bom Vimdin in Animation Star Wars

He is a cantina patron

Fat Cat Plays Captain Hook In Finn Huckleberry Pan

He plays Mr. Dark in Matey (Rayman) (Thomas O'Malley's Style)

He is Rayman's master.

He Played Himself In Rex 'n Finn Rescue Rangers



  • Wife - Kismet
  • Sons - Garfield and Mepps
  • Daughter In Law - ???
  • Brother - Cat R. Waul
  • Father -
  • Cousin - Maltese de Sade


  • Tom Sawyer and Becky


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