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Fear is a major character in the 2015 Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out. He is a self-declared coward and one of the five emotions inside the mind of Riley Andersen. He appears to be unsure of himself, an emotion that matches his name.

Parody Appearances

Voice actors

  1. Bill Hader - English
  2. Jason J. Lewis - English
  3. Todd Haberkorn - English
  4. Koji Ochiai - Japanese

He played as King Louie in The Valentine Book

he is a Orangutan

He played as Victor Van Dort in Corpse Emotion

He is a shy and scared groom

He plays as Pinky in Tom's Wish (aka Wakko's Wish)

She is a Big Mouse

He Plays As Horror In The Pagemaster Eil Wages Style

He Is A Book

He played Sadness along with Sadness in Seaside Out

He's the same type

He played Wallace in Fear and Sparky Grand Adventures , Fear and Sparky in Grand Day Out , Fear and Sparky in The Wrong Trousers , Fear and Sparky in The Close Shave , Fear and Sparky The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit ,Fear and Sparky's Cracking Contraptions, Fear and Sparky in The Matter of Loaf and Death and Fear and Sparky's World of Invention

He played Waluigi in Super Anario


  • Inside Out (TheBeckster1000 Style) - Fear is played by Hiro Hamada
  • Inside Out (Vesa Silventoinen Animation Cartoon Lovers Style) - Fear is played by Loyal Heart Dog
  • Inside Out (Beauty Bow Style) - Fear is played by Mumbo
  • Inside Out (CBS-NBC7 Style) - Fear is played by Stu Pickles
  • Inside Out (Loyalladdin Heart Dog Style) - Fear is played by Rocco Rabbit

Fear playing in Goofy in Cartoons/Inside Out


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